Thank You and Tags

Thank you flowers inspired by Fiore Fresco...To all those who have mention me on your blogs lately... Linda of Silver Screen Surroundings, Jeanette of Sincerely Yours, Jeannette, Nikki of Blah Blah Blah Blog and to those who have given me awards... Tracey of I am Me , Marie Louise of Cottage Industries and Ana of A Beleza de Todas as Coisas... (if I missed someone please let me know)

And tagged me such as Candi of Dolce Chic , Vicki of French Essence and Paris Atelier... asking that I play along... I am choosing to list 6 quirky yet boring things about me...

1. I must have at least 2 cups of cafe cremes every morning.

2. I must drive with FUN music so I don't fall asleep... and yes, I love to sing along.

3. I schedule yoga on my calendar 3 days a week... I have NOT done yoga in MONTHS.

4. I am never without mascara... even sleep with it on.

5. Hate closed in shoes... mostly live in flip flops all year round... only closed in shoes are for golf and 2 pairs of tennis shoes in my locker.

6. I think I am a princess and was delivered to the wrong home by the stork.

NOW that you know these boring, quirky things about moi... it is YOUR turn... I am tagging everyone I have listed here...

If you have already been tagged... disregard request... and if you don't want to play along that is ok too! I have been working hard putting all the blogs I visit on this list... if I have missed your name it is not on purpose... I'm always adding names... there are soooo many wonderful blogs online! Sorry, I took so long to acknowledge everyone... I truly appreciate the recognition... ENJOY your day!
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