In Search of Adventurous Bloggers...

Followers of my blog know that every weekend... usually Saturday... I like to take my readers on a VIRTUAL trip. We've been to the South of France, Paris, Tuscany, Morocco, Mexican Riviera, Greece, New York, San Diego. (Some of these trips have been turned into frameable notecards and are available in MY ETSY STORE.)

These VIRTUAL TRIPS began when fellow bloggers began requesting... "Fifi, take us here... takes us there... paint this movie set... paint that movie set!" And the requests continued... the trips continued... but I thought "HEY... it would be FUN to get the bloggers involved in the process. Soooooo... in September I asked fellow bloggers to be part of the adventure... and be the STAR for the day!

This has been a lot of FUN... we have made trips to Hawaii, Out of Africa, returned to Greece, Irondale, Alabama to have Fried Green Tomatoes, Brasil and Antigua. Other movies already visited... Breakfast at Tiffany's, Mamma Mia, Chocolat, Amelia, Under the Tuscan Sun, A Good Year and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. (I have not forgotten your other movie Cris... we will get to it.)

NOW... I'm in search of NEW ADVENTURES... I've run out of "blogger assisted" requests... and NOW... I need YOU to take us on a trip! FIRST LET ME SAY... THIS IS NOT A CONTEST... I AM TAKING EVERY APPROPRIATE IDEA... HERE is how it works... YOU will be the STAR in charge... We will do this on a first come basis... If you would like to participate leave me a comment... HOWEVER... be prepared to do a little work...

1. You will pick the location or movie set.

2. You will tells us YOUR reason for this choice and maybe a little story about this location or movie set... so we will get to know a little bit about YOU!

3. You will email me photos or links to this location or movie set... I will do the painting.

4. You will post a link on YOUR blog the week that YOUR location or movie set post is being featured.

OK... who's READY? And... who knows... you might even win an Oscar or at least a surprise!!! AGAIN... THIS IS NOT A CONTEST... I AM TAKING EVERY APPROPRIATE IDEA... SEND LINKS and/or PHOTOS... and YOU WILL BE THE STAR ON MY BLOG FOR A DAY!
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