J'adore Cottages

annnnddddd Fifi LOVES helping worthy causes... working with Diane of Mermaid Cottages of Tybee Island, Georgia... lately, I have been putting together a collection of limited edition matted 5" x 7" (fits nicely into an 8" x 10" frame) prints to be sold at Seaside Sisters in Tybee Island...  the proceeds help support Sea Turtle Projects in Georgia and around the world.  Here is a quick peek at the matted prints... Cottages painted by Fifi Flowers in 2010 and 2011...

andddd this month Fifi Flowers painted a NEW cottage... this one belongs to Paula Deen... the Y'all Come Inn... 

prints of the original Fifi Flowers painting of Y'all Come Inn - Paula Deen will be for sale along with sets of notecards (not pictured)...

For MORE information about this project and how and where YOU can purchase one of these prints and/or notecards and help the Sea Turtle Project visit MermaidCottages.com 

Fifi Flowers LOVES painting Cottages... if you have a cottage YOU would like painted... Contact Fifi!!!



House Painting AGAIN

Non.... I did not paint a house... but a painting of a house...  

Oui oui oui... Fifi would be DELIGHTED to do a portrait of YOUR home... email for details!!!




 Don't Miss Out !!!!

HURRY NOW to Fifi Flowers Shop


EVEN ORIGINAL PAINTINGS... Look in PRINTS section to see what ORIGINAL PAINTINGS are AVAILABLE... then email to place order!

SALE ENDS January 29, 2012 @ 11:59 PM California time... Don't Miss Out!!!!



Pink Lounging Weekend

I wish you ALL relaxation... and here is a lovely PINK place for you to recline...

Pink Chaise Black Chandelier AVAILABLE HERE

Bon Weekend...

P.S. Be sure to visit Beverly and her PINK friends on Saturday!


Warm Weather Table

The weather here in So Cal is warm and beautiful and welllll... these items via Pottery Barn  would make for a FABuLOUS table...

Dig in and then be sure to visit other Tablescape Thursday participants... 
and don't forget Reading is Fashionable!



Oscar Nominations Announced

Looks like a good Best Picture line up (in no particular order)... except that the first two are the ONLY ones I've seen as of TODAY's date...  I hope to see ALL of them before Oscar night...

What do YOU think of this list?  Have YOU seen all of them?
What is YOUR favourite?

Be sure to pop over to Reading is Fashionable...
there is a trailer for one of these movies that began as a book!



A Little Treat for Tuesday

I was thinking it would be lovely to share a table... sipping tea for those who love tea... and café creme for those that ADORE café like moi!

Some delightful pastry... Parisian macarons... or perhaps a berry topped sweet...


Cycling... Painting a New Collection

Bicycles with flowers and yummy treats baskets (images via Pinterest) inspire Fifi...

oui oui oui... to paint... here are a couple NEW paintings that will be part of a NEW Bicycle Collection...

Garden Gate Bicycle AVAILABLE HERE

Red Bicycle Lavender Parisian Sky AVAILABLE HERE

See what inspires others to create via Metamorphosis Monday... and Reading is Fashionable!



A Pink Party

Where else would Fifi have a PINK party but in Paris, non?

Parisian Pink Drink Cart AVAILABLE HERE

other items that might be in this party apartment... (this photo inspired a painting... stay tuned!)

what should you wear?  PINK of course... I believe I saw Petunia wearing something like this before she disappeared...

oui oui oui... you can kick off your PINK shoes and get comfortable...
Images via Pinterest

Bon Weekend to all...


P.S. Be sure to visit Beverly and her Pink Saturday friends and be sure to visit Reading is Fashionable!


Need a little Visiting Time

Oui oui oui... won't YOU join moi for a glass...

Blue Chairs in Paris available HERE

Tell me... What is going on in YOUR world?
Do you have a favourite table you like to sit at to relax with friends?
See other tables via Tablescape Thursday...



Sending a Message

Just some of the MANY sites speaking out...

I CANNOT imagine life without FREE Knowledge on the Internet! 


A Day for Scones

As Fifi Flowers continues to paint NEW collections...  she gets to share them with YOU...

Scones in the Garden is AVAILABLE here!

Andddddddddd... speaking of scones... have YOU ever tried Iveta Scones?  J'adore them... especially with clotted cream... favourite flavours... apricot, vanilla and cranberry... yummmmm....

Iveta also has WONDERFUL curds, jams... and as I showed above clotted cream...

oooookkkkkk... off I go to paint and place an order for clotted cream... I already have to boxes of Iveta scone mix and a delightful Apricot jam I don't see currently on their site... hmmmm

 See you tomorrow... a peak at a painting from the NEW Fifi Flowers bicycle collection... ooooh and be sure to pop over to Reading is Fashionable... there is a book giveaway and more!



Pink Dress in Paris

Ooooh la la... for the lovers of fashionable PINK... like Beverly and her PINK friends...

Parisian Perfume photo inspiration via HERE
PRINTS and cards of this artwork AVAILABLE in
Fifi Flowers' Shop

Bon weekend to all...


P.S.  Sunday, January 15th is the LAST DAY to purchase a 2012 Fifi Flowers Calendar... Don't Miss Out


Orange Tulips in Paris

Oui oui oui... another FUN table in Paris... PARFAIT for Thursday Tablescapes, non?

Orange Tulip Tea available HERE
Do YOU have a photo of YOUR table in Paris or a photo of  a table YOU wish was YOURS in Paris?



Dogs in a Paris Apartment

Another FABuLOUS custom painting project...

Oui oui oui... these dogs were MAGICALLY painted in Paris by Fifi...
YOUR dogs can be in Paris tooor whereever you desire!
Email for information or Simply pop over to Fifi's Shop and purchase a Pet Portrait Gift Certificate for yourself or a loved one!  SPECIAL RATE ENDS January 15th!!!



Looks like Tea

Oui oui oui... Fifi is starting out the New Year with NEW collections... starting with a TEA Collection... first in the series is Paris Window Tea...

Painting and Prints of this painting AVAILABLE HERE
Stay tune for (2) Tea in the Garden, Tea at Ladurée, Tea in Bed, Tea et Books, and more!


P.S. Don't forget 2012 Calendars are ONLY AVAILABLE until the 15th of January...
Don't Miss Out... ORDER TODAY!!!
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