Taming the Curator Cover Reveal

COVER REVEAL GIVEAWAY - Taming the Curator
Book releasing on September 14th!!!

Cover designed by Susan of Wicked Women Design

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Book synopsis:

Chloe Erikksen, museum worker by day and burlesque singer by night finds her world completely turned upside down as her life is taken over by a man who most women would say was unattainable... untamable.

When she is forced to move in with him will she find that he is just what she needs or will he be too much to handle for a woman who has lived her whole life alone, feeling unloved?

What is the man's motive behind controlling her? Is it because he simply doesn't want anyone else to have her? Or has he finally found the one that has changed him... tamed him?

Have you read book 1 - Reclining Nude in Chicago?
Not required to read before Taming the Curator 
but it's fun to read the connections!!!

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Christmas in August

Coming soon... Christmas cards in my Art Shop... possible designs...

Rockstar-Yoga-Guru meets Corporate-Girl... will she remember?

Things Willow says while drunk... 

"Yum!" She moved right into my personal space. Lips so close to my face. "I could rock your corporate world. Handle removing your brief . . . case. Bet you have a nice investment package. Our amalgamation would be off the chart. Boom!" The temptress' delicate hand smoothed across my shoulder then slid down the length of my silk tie before grasping and wrapping it around her wrist, tugging me toward her. Putting her nose to my neck. God, she smelled so good. I wasn't sure if I imagined it or not, but I swear she licked me. Then, she was gone. - Dash Oliver POV

Just A Number

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Coffee with Fifi Flowers?

Who's interested in having some coffee with Fifi? Coffee... tea... Parisian macarons... ooh la la Laudrée in Paris!!!

Pink Striped Window View of Laduree Paris

Dash and Willow Move Perfectly Together in Just A Number

Teaser from Just A Number... 

He was one of the best partners... he was the best I'd ever had. We were in tuned with each other. We fit perfectly. Moved as one. Fluidly. No stumbling. Like in couples-yoga, our breaths were equal. An aspect I had never experienced. We had chemistry in and out of naked intimacy. It felt as if I knew him always, yet we knew nothing personally about each other. - Willow Dane

Just A Number 

Available NOW

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