Late Afternoon... Uplifting Post...

After posting sad news this morning... I felt so down... and then I stumbled upon a blog dedicated to introducing bloggers to bloggers. And this reminded me also of the Gal to Gal walk... it's all about connecting for causes and for FUN!
Sooooo let me introduce you to The secret is in the Sauce...or SITS as they call it. It is a blog that encourages everyone to leave comments...lots of comments on others blogs. We all know that "comment love" is the best! They also have some amazing contests with REALLY cool prizes! And they spotlight a special blogger each day who gets to be QUEEN! They link you to the best 3 posts by that blogger and give you a chance to meet somebody new. Today is their BLOGATHON which is a special day to introduce others, not only to SITS but to some of your favorite bloggers that you met there. We're supposed to each do 5 so here are mine...
loco notions... asked me what was a good way to expose your blog to more readers... this group might be just what you are looking for!
paris atelier... is a new blogger and I enjoy looking at her post... this would be a good way for more people to meet her and enjoy her site!
the inspired room is a great blog... she has a new site... she has a painting of her dog by moi and she is a sponsor for The Secret is in the Sauce.
life just keeps getting weirder I just found via Nikki Crumpet ... the site where I originally heard about this site.
thoughts from an evil overlord I met and just found out she too is a part of this group.
It seems the word is spreading and hear I go spreading it further... Go check it out... Join in the FUN... ooooh yes... they have lots of Giveaways too!
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