Aaaaaah Antigua...

Yesterday my home was full of wild and weird creatures... I had to escape... I grabbed a virtual flight late last night to beautiful Antigua...Hope you like white sand, turquoise blue water, spectacular views and lots of palm trees...Grab a welcome beverage and come along...I've booked some rooms for everyone to stay here at the Jolly Beach Resort...You can lay by the pool and relax... or sit under an umbrella on the beach... you don't want to get too much sun!Maybe you could find some shells on the beach to take home and put on display like the ones in this bowl...As for Moi... I think I am going to visit my friend Marie Louise of Cottage Industries at her sweet Coral Bay beach cottage ... you may come along... WOW... she's not home, but there is a note on the door... she's up the hill at a small gathering...
This is definitely a nice spot for a gathering... glad Marie Louise asked us along... we wouldn't want to miss that view! Marie Louise, should we plop down on a lounge chair and relax for the rest of the day or are you interested in joining us for some shopping?Marie Louise suggests we can take one of these boats to the shopping port...VERY colourful building... soooo FUN... I see a Cruise ship has pulled into the port as well... HEY... it's Mary of Ivy Lane...
Mary... you've been here a few times... tells us your favorite places to shop and what do you like to buy?
"Antigua has a very colorful down town…lots of duty free shopping…my favorite store is called Lipstick… it has the most beautiful fragrances and cosmetics from around the world… my favorite fragrance is Eau de Gingembre by Roger & Gallet Paris… LOVE it and can’t find it anywhere in the states…I always stock up… The tourists always buy jewelry and watches and lots of linens in the Caribbean.. I have many treasures…I think so anyway!
"I love to shop in the local street markets and find little handmade treasures and what I think to be beautiful art. The oil paintings are usually painted on fabric, old material…anything the artist can find to “stretch” over the rustic wood frames they make… The frames are often slightly out of kilter, but that makes it so charming to me.. I feel like I am giving back."
Oh Mary... we're getting hungry... after all that shopping... what is the food like here on the island?
"The food is basically locally grown vegetables and fruits… the fried plantains (sweet potato type veggie) are usually a treat at the local bars in town... served with a spicy dipping sauce… We are told that beef is hard to come by… there are wild chickens roaming about (funny to hear the roosters crowing in midday!) and goats everywhere! Lots of rice, soups and stews... oh... and FISH, calamari, etc from the sea!!!"
Sounds good to me... the view from this restaurant looks lovely... let's give it a try!

Hope everyone enjoyed their lunch... let's head back to the resort to relax and be entertained... Mary, do you have to go back to your ship yet... or would you like to join us for some more FUN... I know I don't have to ask Marie Louise... she's always up for a good time..."One of my favorite things is the sound of the steel drums playing!" says Mary. Then it's settled, off we go... poolside... libations and music!
Hope you ENJOYED your day on Antigua... I'm exhausted... and in need of MORE relaxation... Sooooo... I'm thinking of spending Monday here... I'm sure I could upload my GIVEAWAY post from this FABULOUS spot... aah... what a DREAM to post from that hammock!

Thank you Marie Louise and Mary for making this trip PERFECT with your wonderful photos and information! (Paintings by Fifi Flowers... ALL are for sale... just email me!)

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