Sorry for No Painting, No Post...

Unfortunately... my son has been home for two days with a cold and bad earache...Van Gogh will have to supply you with his art work today... Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear, c.1889 via Art.com

My son and I have been looking through catalogs (photos in this post via William-Sonoma Business Gifts catalog) and cookbooks... maybe I have a future Chef Extraordinaire on my hands... hmmm... here are his choice of pictures for you to view...

Cupcakes & Cookies
Hot Chocolat to wash them down
Mom' choices
Cheese, crackers, grapes and a holiday martini to wash it down

Games that looked old fashion to my son... and can't be played on the X-box360Sooooo... there has been no time to paint... tune in tomorrow... he's feeling better and will be heading back to school and I will be able to pick up a paintbrush and visit fellow bloggers.

Have you received any catalogs lately with things you can't live without?

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