What are YOU looking at...

The winner of one of my Ooh la la Giveaways... Muffy Martini's painting for her frameable notecards...

And the winner of last week's Ooh la la Giveaway... Lee Moates...MORE winners... frameable notecards for Fifi's PINK Bed & Breakfast Weekend Getaway...
1. A-M
2. Kathleen Ellis
3. Queenie Jeannie
4. Claudia
5. Mama
Congratualtions... please send me your snail mail addresses so I can mail you your prize! Yesssss... I'm still going to mail it to you... even if you are STILL hanging out at my B&B... check out whenever you like and when you arrive home you will have a PRESENT!

If you did not win my Ooh la la Giveaway... don't be discouraged... I will not be discarding the rest of the photos BECAUSE I will be doing a weekly drawing until the end of the year... SOOOOO... you actually get more than 1 chance! AND NEXT WEEK I WILL BE DRAWING ANOTHER WINNER!
JUST A REMINDER... Only one photo request per person... so if you wish to change the photo you already sent, please let me know and send me a new photo or link... OTHERWISE... you're still in the running to WIN A SET OF FRAMEABLE NOTECARDS OF YOUR PHOTO that moi "Fifi Flowers" will paint! Here is another option to this giveaway... if you would rather win a set of Fifi Flowers Frameable Notecards of one of my paintings... simply let me know which painting.
For those of you who have not entered my Ooh la la Giveaway... Send me a LINK to your favorite photo (only 1 photo please) or an email and don't forget to leave your EMAIL... and I will randomly draw a winner... then I will paint your photo and post it on my blog and YOU WIN A SET OF FRAMEABLE NOTECARDS OF YOUR PAINTING... WHICH WILL BE SENT TO YOU VIA SNAIL MAIL! Deadline for the Ooh la la Giveaway is Friday the 26th midnight PST.


Thank you to EVERYONE who left comments on my post yesterday... I TRULY appreciate your kind words and my heart goes out to all of you who have lost a pet... excuse me... a loved one... merci.

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