A Day of Great Expectations...

Becca of Lovely Yellow Ribbons takes us to Florida and New York City via this film with shades of PINK throughout... Alfonso Cuaron (The Little Princess) directed this Mitch Glazer screenplay, a modernization of the 1860-61 classic by Charles Dickens. Some situations in the film are presented as memories - the way the central figure, Finnegan Bell (Ethan Hawke) recalls events many years later. At a Florida fishing village, eight-year-old orphan Finn Bell (Jeremy James Kissner), talented at art, is left in the care of his sister and her husband, Joe (Chris Cooper). One day, Finn helps a chained, escaped convict who appears in the surf. On other days, he visits Paradiso Perduto, where he plays with young Estella (Raquel Beaudene), niece of the mansion's
colorful, flamboyant, and extremely wealthy owner, Ms. Dinsmoor (Anne Bancroft), who parallels the novel's tragic Miss Havisham, a woman jilted at the altar and left emotionally scarred and mentally imbalanced. As Ms. Dinsmoor watches Finn draw a portrait of Estella, she plots to mold Estella into a hard woman capable of destroying men. In a flash forward to the '90s, Finn (Hawke) and Estella (Gwyneth Paltrow), now in their late teens, re-create the water-fountain kiss of their childhood, but Estella vanishes, breaking Finn's heart to such a degree that he doesn't draw or paint for seven years, choosing to eke out a marginal existence with his uncle Joe (after Finn's sister abandons the two). Then Manhattan art representative Jerry Ragno (Josh Mostel) turns up with a startling offer - if Finn will return to painting and relocate in New York, INTERMISSION... QUICK NOTE: I apologize for not having time to paint more
than one scene from the movie... so the scene I chose was with Becca in mind when she wrote "I love the scene when she and Ethan Hawk are walking through Central Park, and all of the different bridges. They meet up on Bows Bridge, and it's gorgeous!" (email me your address-expect a small package to come your way!)THE STORY CONTINUES... Ragno will give him a one-man show. With an apparent assist
from Ms. Dinsmoor, Finn makes the move and begins his new life with great expectations
and a deadline of 10 weeks to complete the necessary paintings. When Finn next encounters Estella, she has a wealthy boyfriend, Walter (Hank Azaria). As Finn once again becomes entranced by Estella, he also begins to question exactly how his life is being manipulated. Francesco Clemente did the paintings and drawings seen in the film. The film was shown at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival. This information was from a video rental service company via Time Warner cable.

Did you notice how the tints of PINK in the film gave warm and nostalgic feeling... just like the way PINK SATURDAY gives the warmth of friendship and FUN... don't forget to visit Beverly of How Sweet the Sound and all her PINK post friends with GREAT EXPECTATIONS!

Speaking of EXPECTATIONS... is everyone expecting an update on the BICYCLE CONTEST... well by an overwhelming vote... #11 Bicycle with PINK flowers in the basket... belonging to Cris, artist in Oregon won...

It will fit nicely in the collection... and the additional winner to this contest is Couture Carrie... Congrats to both of you!

Thank you Becca... I enjoyed reading and looking at clips of this movie... I have never seen the entire movie in one sitting... I have seen bits and pieces... and I did read the book in high school... I think it was an unusual book if I remember correctly... sooooo... did you read the book... see this film or did you see the original film? I plan to rent it and watch it soon.

ENJOY your day... and may you all have your GREAT EXPECTATIONS fulfilled!!!

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