Late Afternoon Thoughts...

I'm thinking of starting a NEW adventure on my blog and YOU are the STAR!
I have had many requests since I have started blogging in April 2008... "Fifi, take us here... takes us there... paint this movie set... paint that movie set"
So I thought I would let YOU be in charge... We will do this on a first come basis... If you would like to participate leave me a comment... HOWEVER... be prepared to do a little work...
1. You will pick the location or movie set.

2. You will tells us YOUR reason for this choice and maybe a little story about this location or movie set... so we will get to know a little bit about YOU!

3. You will email me photos or links to this location or movie set... I will do the painting.

4. You will post a link on YOUR blog the week that YOUR location or movie set post is being featured.

OK... who's READY?
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