To Catch a Fifi and a Kris...

Fifi is a little busy here in Sud de la France... soooooo the famous artist Miss Kris is guest blogging along with some of her paintings for moi...

Enchant√© everyone! Yeah! I am here in lovely Provence! Just filling in for Fifi this morning! Fifi and I planned to meet in Provence a few weeks ago…to well… you’ll see. I just got off the Train and Fifi is waiting for me in…. hmmmm…it looks like a “Little Pink Car”. She tells me it’s a stolen no less. Hehe what fun we are going to have. We are on our way to a lovely chateau. We made a little change…we of course added PINK shutters!
Once we both checked in we decided to stop in the Dining Hall and have a little champagne before going to our rooms. They are having a little masquerade party for all the guests tonight. But we have something else planned. That evening Fifi and I do a little ROOF climbing with the help of Jean Henri…”Oh no Fifi, don’t fall” We got lucky there Fifi! We have a mission to do and we are going to finish it!
Our mission is to steal our rooms. And we DO! (disclaimer***Neither Fifi nor I were hurt on this TOP SECRET MISSION***)

The next day we leave very early and head for the coast ~ Cote d’azur no less... but first Fifi and I paint the car a shade of lime green... of course Fifi insists on wearing PINK driving gloves... Here Fifi is getting some Sun... and this is the last time I saw her... hmmmmI Thank everyone for stopping by and checking our little “SECRET MISSION” I’ll be back on Thursday. Fifi and everyone are meeting at Versailles for a party so everyone wear your BEST FROCKS and of course we will have Tablescape Thursday too. Until Then Au Revoir!!!
Thank you Fifi for all this FUN!!!
~Miss Kris~
Merci Kris... I'm sure everyone enjoyed our little adventure... and your paintings are FAB... and they are AVAILABLE... simply visit Kris' shop HERE... and paintings by Fifi you can find HERE.
Kris... I'm sorry I had to run off leave you on the beach... you looked rather peaceful napping on your chaise... I will see you in Paris on Thursday... right now I'm off on a secret meeting with Tracie of My Petite Maison... I received a text message to meet her at this location... Chateau Eza... something about... make sure you are not followed... and something about French treasures for her shop... do you think she's contacting me because she knows I am a mastermind at stealing... hmmmm... ooooh and you will have to grab a taxi to the station... believe it or not... someone stole our lime green car...

Tomorrow... Laura of Under the Sheets-Shhhh returns... with outdoor Paris memories and Amelie!
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