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TODAY... Welcome Guest Blogger Claire of High Gloss Blue... she's ADORABLE... ENJOY your day with her...
There's an American in Paris, right? So how about a Frenchie in Atlanta...

Sprawl With a Drawl And A French Accent, Y'all.
That's my poetic title for the above photograph of Atlanta's own little Arc de WTF, Ma Petite Chou! I won't mention the aforementioned atrocity again because I'm showing off what Atlanta has to offer Francophiles... specifically the Francophiles who love FifiFlowers on today's tour of France in Atlanta.
What is that I'm hearing you all say? Oh, you watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta go to a fancy French restaurant...in Atlanta? FAB. French American Brasserie. No, FAB is not on my tour either. This tour is about FAB-U-LOUS France in Atlanta.
So hush. Bless your heart, you just didn't know any better. Here, I'll show you exactly where to go for furniture, fun & food!
Paris on Ponce (not the Paris shown here)
716 Ponce de Leon Place, NE
For French Furniture in Atlanta also check out:
C'est Moi 1100 Johnson Ferry Road Marietta, GA. 30068.
My French Chateau By appointment; warehouse & website. The owner, Lee, is a wonderfully knowledgeable dealer who travels to France multiple times a year to scout for lovelies. She'll even tell you when she's headed to France to see if there's anything you want! See her wares here.
716 Ponce de Leon Place, NE
downstairs from Paris on Ponce

The doors say "Moulin Rougue", but the place is in fact called "Maison Rougue". We walked though those doors, into...
The "lobby" of Maison Rouge. Then we walked though those doors, into...
what appears to be a full burlesque club. At 11 am, it wasn't yet open for service, but it was open for our tour.
So I imagined Edif Pilaf wafting through the old speakers, pearls around my neck and a glass of champagne (or 2) in my hand. Don't just imagine it, make it real! The charismatic venue is available for events. Now that would be a fun office party...
240 North Highland Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30307
"my hood"
So besides the croque monsieur, cafe au lait and dynamite baguettes, the cuisine is actually New Orleans inspired. But the feel (complete with white subway tile just like Le Metro & Phillipe Starck Miss K lamps) is so, so French! Sultry & sexy, too-parfait pour votre petit ami! Go inside the upstairs portion of the building for a moment to see the lovely Miss Ks in all her red glory, then head downstairs to the more casual Market.
There's a little patio for Fifi Fido,
furnishings from local rockstars, Bobo Intriguing Objects,
fabulous black cahiers by Moleskin,
a fine nook encircled by a wine bottle dryer & under tin can pendants,
a formidable view into the kitchen, framed by a bureau with backwards drawers (seriously, look closer, so clever),
PAUSE wipe that frothing from your mouth...

et des fruit.
L'essence de la France est dans l'air.
pour moi. Okay that's not a flattering picture, I was slightly embarrassed for my friend to be snapping shops during lunch time, but I had to show you this communal table! Isn't she lovely!
Ce n'est pas vrai!
Ohhh dans le boulangerie: le pain, les croissants, les biscuits & les gateaux.
Mas oui, c'est tres vrai!
367 Glover Street, SE
Marietta, GA 30060
The last stop, Douceur de France, is a hidden one, but maybe the best! I learned about Douceur de France when I did commercial textile design at Ulster Carpets, also in Marietta. Our bosses were foodies and would go here to buy things for clients. I told a college friend about it whose name happens to be Amelie and whose mother happens to be French. Amelie said they went to Douceur de France all the time growing up. Everyone that works there is French.
I love architecture, but what I love even more is architecture you can EAT. Check out les gateaux on the top shelf, ces sont MAGNIFIQUES!
Ohhh lala! Les petits souris!
And I'm on a mission to figure out how to make these pink polka dot petits fours!
Sure it will come to me if I just keep tasting them!
Other Recommended Francophile Destinations:
La Petite Maison
Babette's Cafe

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Thank you to Claire for the tour... LOVED it!!! Be like Claire... come Guest Blog for Fifi!!!

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