Joy of Reading...

I LOVE the read and I LOVE to look at my FUN... whimsical bookmarks... approximately 3.5" x 8" and of course I LOVE to HANDPAINT and varnished them (on both sides)... and NOW they are FOR SALE!!! 10.00 each + shipping... 2.00 US - 4.00 Elsewhere... PERFECT GIFTS for a friend or for yourself... Here is an EXAMPLE of what the bookmarks look like with a silky ribbon attached...
Here are bookmarks AVAILABLE unless marked SOLD...
1. Flower Shop SOLD
2. Pink Shutter
3. Blueberry Tray

4. Lime Chair
5. Hot Pink Chaise
6. Pink Courtyard Cafe - SOLD
7. Orange Wine Garden
8. Red Wine Garden
9. Along the Pacific Coast

10. Lakeside Lounging
11. Red Curtain Music Room
12. Paris Courtyard
13. Tiger Lily
14. Straw Hat
15. Wine in the Rose Garden
16. Paris Atelier
17. Picket Fence Garden
18. Anemones
19. Cake by the Lake - SOLD
20. Coral Rose Cove
21. Bienvenue - SOLD 22. Along the Arno - Sale Pending
23. Italian Laundry - SOLD
24. Italian Vineyard

25. Flowers Delivery Bike - SOLD
26. Lime Carpet in Paris
27. Iris Garden
28. Cafe Arc de Triomphe - Sale Pending
29. Italian Courtyard
30. Le Refuge Cafe

31. On the Boardwalk
32. Musician
33. Atelier de Fifi

34. Can Can a Paris
35. Paris Wine
36. Fruit Marche

37. Red Dress in Paris
38. Reading in the Garden - Sale Pending
39. Parisian Waiter et Amelie Street
40. Paris Neighborhood
41. Waiting for Family to Come Home
42. Garden Room Lounging

There is ONLY one of each of these bookmarks AVAILABLE... if you are interested in purchasing any of these bookmarkers... please email me with the NUMBER and TITLE and I will send you a Pay Pal invoice. Oooh... and don't forget there is another painting on the back of these bookmarks... YOU will have to purchase one to see it!!! I will mark SOLD after each name once it is sold... soooo unless you see SOLD... it's AVAILABLE! Andddddddddd to See MORE available Fifi Flowers ORIGINAL PAINTINGS HERE !!!

ENJOY your day!!!

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