Fifi Re-Designed by Imogen...

Recently, Imogen created a post for La Belette Rouge on How to Dress Like a Literary Star for her blog and I wanted her to re-design moi! So I contacted her and BEGGED... and yesterday she posted Creating Your Personal Style about ME! I feel so honored!!! (because she I can't do it for everyone, but Imogen encourages you to have a go creating something for yourself).

Sooooo I gave Imogen a list of words and few clues about moi such as I ADORE chunky jewellery including cocktail rings. Andddddddddddddd she put together this selection for me... (I must add... I'm horrible at putting together polyvores... so I am even more impressed with her!)

Fifi Flowers by imogenl

IMOGEN SAYS: You can see the selection of words that Fifi has chosen, and I will explain my choices of clothing and accessories based on these words:

Fun: include some colour, don't make it too serious and 'businesslike' with classic clothes head to toe - look for accessories that make a statement. Leopard print shoes create a fun impression.

Inviting: don't wear all stiff and structured clothes, some should have some flow or ruffle to show your softer side and invite people in.

Kind: along with inviting, colours like blue and green are seen to be kinder colours. Overly structured clothes are avoided.

Warm: warm colours such as red make the wearer appear warmer and more friendly. Knits help to add to this appearance.Independent: this person has her own style, she is not scared of larger scale jewellery or dramatic blocks of colour, she doesn't follow the crowd.

Strong: teaming colour with a dark neutral such as black, charcoal or navy will create a strong impression. Large scale jewellery, and colours such as red, denote strength.

Creative: look for some creative detail, such as the unusual construction on the vest (far left). Don't feel you have to match shoes, belts and handbags, mix it up, for example the blue and black outfit (second left).

Intellectual: these are not the clothes of someone who is less than very intelligent. They show savvy and thought in their composition.

Thank you soooooooooo much Imogen... NOW... I guess I will have to go shopping... BUT... think I will hit the gym and Slim Fast bars first... I would like all of these 2 sizes smaller than my current size. I'd also like to add some height... hmmmm... I don't think that part is possible.

Please tell me that I am not the only one that is horrible at putting polyvores together... I think I lack patience... hmmm

Ooh... and another thank you, Imogen... for purchasing FASHIONABLE paintings from MY ETSY STORE... I will be sending a SURPRISE along with your order!

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