Day 3 - Still Life... No Direction

 I stumbled upon this book in my studio bookcase...

I never did attempt oil painting: too stinky and I am VERY sensitive to chemical smells. Besides the paint odor, there was the addition of harsh smelling turpentine for cleaning paintbrushes. No thanks! Instead I ventured into acrylic paints on canvas... then acrylics on archival linen paper--most of my paintings have been created this way in the past. Back in the realm of painting again, I decided to try watercolor paint on watercolor paper = I LOVE watercolor paper! It absorbs the paint and dries fast... another reason I didn't pursue oil paints: they take too long to dry. I prefer to complete paintings in a day and that's another reason I paint on a smaller scale... like my daily journal posts.

One thing I did find appealing in the "Keys to Oil Painting" book, it does a step by step exercise... (These are my words-not what they teach) Begin with a sketch. Put down foundation colors. Begin layering other colors for interest and perhaps depth and lastly add details. I like to use pen ink to bring out details.

I believe everyone needs to do their own thing here and there... put your own personality into the art you create!

As you can see from the book's finished product: I went rogue with brilliant shades of colors and interpreting what should be in the painting: two varieties of grapes, bread, onion or a fig, a pomegranate and cheese!

What will inspire my journal post tomorrow?

I'm thinking it might be some things on my balcony... but who knows!

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