Beach Bum Biscuit 2012 Dogs Revealed

Fifi had a FUN time painting all of these FURRY FACES...

Maggie Lou





Fergus Ford

also part of the Beach Bum Biscuit 2012 Collection is a one-time guide dog candidate Boomer...

"Boomer came to me a cuddly, golden ball of fur.  He was the perfect puppy to raise with a playful, happy personality.  He went to work with me every day and traveled to exotic places like Orlando, Hilton Head Island, Washington DC, and New Hampshire.  He lived and played with two other Golden Retrievers and a 2 bossy Shih Tzu's.  In the end, both Shih Tzu's wanted to cuddle with him whenever they were tired of playing.  It was unfortunate that he was released from Guide Dog training and he is where he should be now.  In a loving home, with other dogs to cuddle and play with, and a life of luxury with the "Mermaids of Tybee Island"!
Puppy Raiser

and with the Judges' selection of "Hunter"

This is the COMPLETE COLLECTION of the Beach Bum Biscuit 2012 frameable notecards... A link to the cards will be up when they are AVAILABLE for purchase!!!

Congratulations AGAIN to all the winning dogs to this contest... please send me your address if you haven't already to receive a set of notecards that include YOUR dog... Also... you may purchase the painting of YOUR dog at an AMAZING rate...
anddddddddddddddd EVERYONE who participated in this contest... I will give YOU the same amazing deal if you would like to have the photo you submitted painted... I will EMAIL the details!!!

Merci beaucoup... THANK YOU VERY MUCH to EVERYONE who submitted dogs and voted... this was soooo FUN... ALL of your dogs are PRECIOUS... I would be HAPPY to paint  ALL of them!!!

Bon Weekend...

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