Dearest Fifi:

Finally, our plan to spend time together at the holidays has come true! Oh, Fifi, walking arm in arm with you through this winter wonderland has been just divine for me. And for all who have seen us, most will remember it as the best part of their holidays! Isn't it so much fun to give people exactly what they want? It is quite unfortunate that I have to continually run from all those PETA fur haters but if one can’t wear a fabulous fur in New York City, well, really? Where does one wear a fur?

As you know, Fifi, I much prefer being inside the stores looking for a little something shiny but at Christmas time the only place to be is outside looking in! The windows are the best ever this year. Don’t you think so, too?

Saks of course is amazing…


And Bergdorf’s? Oh my! Fifi, that looks a bit like you in the window! You must be someone’s muse and not know it.

BG window2

Brilliantly creative…just like you! BG window3

I must confess, when I first looked at this window I thought someone had looked inside my head and recreated it! So many staircases leading to so many places and then to no place at all…it is a bit confusing when trying to find the front door again!

BG window5

And just like Alice, I do believe I might have fallen down a rabbit hole or two… ny_louis_vuitton_on_fifth_avenue_christmas_2008_2_173

I am not a huge fan of anything with initials on it other than my own, of course, but aren’t Louis Vuitton’s windows just fab? ny_louis_vuitton_on_fifth_avenue_christmas_2008_5_119

And now we head to the greatest place in the entire world!


Oh, Fifi! We’re at Tiffany’s! I must dash in quickly and get something lovely for you! I know how you adore that little blue box…and I might need to treat myself to a little something as well! I do love knowing that no matter what, I will always have exactly what I want under the tree! It is quite rewarding to be one’s own Santa. Speaking of Santa….! Oh dear, that story will have to wait for another time but I will tell you this, Fifi. Santa does not sleep in a chair. He has a lovely sleigh bed!


Walking home in the cold after a delightful dinner and a sip or ten of champagne I know I am so blessed, Fifi. Rockefeller Center’s tree, lights hung on the streets, cabbies honking their horns, the Santas ringing their bells…and you…I feel like this might be the most perfect Christmas ever. And it should be that way for BFF’s!


Petunia who once again believes in Santa and his perfect gift giving abilities!


Ooooh Petunia... this is FAB!!!! I hope everyone ENJOYED our adventure... remember there are more Outdoor Wednesday adventures via A Southern Dreamer ... see you tomorrow with a delicious table and food!!!

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