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Writing series books…even standalone ones need to have some connection… Written several years is a challenge and why I am often vague about what the year is or specific dates… That’s been my latest challenge as I attempt to finish my HEART SERIES… three standalones about three friends and their romances: Hadley and Gerard, Chanel and Levi, Solena and Rey… Clashing Hearts released August 2017… Stealing Hearts is releasing March 22nd and my goal for Exploring Hearts is a July 19th release… No spoilers in any of the books in the series but they all have a same timeframe to start…challenging…

SNEAK PEEK of book three here…

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Hadley Gentry was nothing like everyone imagined and the funny thing was that she had no idea what people expected as she had not asked to be popular.

Gerard Perry was never given a chance as he was teased and ridiculed from the first day of kindergarten until he graduated from high school and went off to college.

When Gerard comes back to town a new doctor, he runs into one of the people associated with the people he least wanted to see, and when he has the opportunity to rub his success in the face of the Homecoming Queen, he finds that maybe he never really knew Hadley at all.


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This book will steal your heart!

Chanel Devlin has been a fashionista since the day she was born.

Levi Laurent has always been a successful businessman with compliant employees.

When Levi purchases a very successful fashion blog, he is faced with one very unhappy fashionista and she plans to fight every change management tries to make. Chanel knows what is best for Fashionista Forward but does she know how to keep Levi from stealing her heart?


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Releasing March 22nd


Blurb Coming Soon

Expected Release: Summer 2024

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