NEW 2023 Unexpected Bliss is Available

EXCITED to release the NEW 2023 version of this book... love the interaction between these two characters who have an instant attraction to each other... LIVE now and FREE with Kindle Unlimited... if you haven't read it... give it a try...

Saffron Courbe planned everything—faithfully detailing her life in journals, day planners, and on her electronic tablet. No room for errors or surprises!

Meet a nice guy.
Wait five dates before being intimate.
Introduce each other to their families.
Get engaged on one-year anniversary.
Six months to plan the wedding.
Perfect Ceremony - Honeymoon - House
Baby two years later.

How did things go so far off-course for the Queen of List-making?

Charming Laird Hayes.

Drunk Intimacy - No Husband

Not the Plan!

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