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By: Fifi Flowers


Ireland Dumont loved her life—single with not a care in the world, running her own online concierge company. On the edge of ultimate success, her parents stepped in and arranged a proper groom for her to marry. Giving over to their request, she heads to Vegas to celebrate her last days of freedom.

Meeting a handsome stranger was not on her agenda.
Accepting his marriage proposal was the perfect addendum to her agenda.

Jensen Callum needed a wife for his new business venture with a company that prided themselves on being a family-owned operation. His old playboy status was about to be nipped in the bud by his parents when he returned home from his business trip to an arranged marriage of their doing.

What will happen when Ireland and Jensen’s families find out that they arranged their own marriage venture that wasn’t in the grand scheme of things?

Imperfect Love & Foolish Hearts crossover


“What are you doing?” I heard him ask, turning his head from side to side. What was I doing that had him moving oddly? “You seem to be studying me, am I wrong?” 
Oh shit! Please tell me that I didn’t mumble anything along with my unconscious movements.
“Sorry. I was just wondering what color your eyes were.”

I loved the smirk he gave me as he spoke up and made me laugh. “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.”

 “Deal,” I agreed and then quickly lowered my sunglasses which actually gave me an even better view of him. Clear vision to his bronzed skin, whiter than white teeth, and to top it off, he had dark chocolate brown eyes which twinkled thanks to the sun. However, the gleam in his eyes made me think about special effects seen in cornball movies and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling until he leaned in and captured my mouth perfectly with his. The ultimate kiss that was only in fairytales was happening to me right there in front of everyone and I did not care one bit because, to be quite honest, everything but us faded away from my mind.



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