ooh la la PINK flowers in Paris

oui oui oui... PINK flowers photographed by my FABuLOUS client Michelle when she and her hubby were in Paris celebrating their wedding anniversary...

This last photograph I believe you will see painted ONE DAY SOON... along with a couple other photographs that Michelle took... stay tuned!  For NOW... here is a painting I did from Michelle's wedding and it was a SURPRISE for her hubby...


Oui oui oui... she adores PINK!!!

 andddd speaking of PINK remember to visit Beverly and her PINK friends on Saturday and
TODAY on Reading is Fashionable... a NEW BOOK GIVEAWAY!

Bon Weekend to ALL


P.S....  Winner of My 2012 Calendar Giveaway is Gabriela Delworth
and she selected my Parisian Tables 2012 Calendar

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