Outdoor Flower Series Week 10

TODAY for my Outdoor Flower Series inspired by the book "The Meaning of Flowers" by Gretchen Scoble and Ann Field... SUNFLOWERS...
 "The sunflower promises POWER,  warmth, nourishment- 
the attributes of the sun itself.  In the Inca cultures of the 
Andes, the sunflower was revered. The flower's image was 
hammered into gold and place in the temple."

I LOVE photographing them...

LOVE LOVE LOVE painting them...

My LATEST sunflower painting is a STUDY for the BACK of an upcoming HANDPAINTED bookmark..

that will be up for sale with this book my Sophie Kinsella... "Remember Me?"

STAY TUNED for the AVAILABILITY of this NEW bookmark... anddddd... Don't Forget...
BIG CLEARANCE SALE in My Etsy Shop !!!  MORE will be loaded throughout the day... sooooo if you don't see the perfect one for YOU... keep checking back!!!  Bookmarks et Books are AVAILABLE too!!!

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