Outdoor Flower Series Week 5

Continuing my Outdoor Flower Series inspired by the book "The Meaning of Flowers" by Gretchen Scoble and Ann Field... This week's flower... ROSES that are BLOOMING NOW dans my jardin...
Pink roses stand for admiration and appreciation.
Light pink roses represent gentle feelings of love.
The darker pink the rose the more strong the feeling. via HERE
Yellow roses stand for friendship.
Yellow with red tips can mean the person is falling in love.
Some say the yellow rose means jealousy. I prefer to think of it as a warm loving gesture to send roses and that they mean joy. via HERE
Orange roses symbolise passion and desire.
Orange roses often symbolise excitement and enthusiasm.
Orange colored roses emit a warm loving feeling.via HERE

Another FABuLOUS book about Roses that will be featured on Reading is Fashionable next month is 
Inspiration for Beautiful Gifts, Crafts and Displays
by Gilly Love
Lovely to have YOU in my jardin today... now please be sure to visit other Outdoor Wednesday postings via A Southern Daydreamer!
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