X = X Marks the Spot in Paris

Whether you're a seasoned visitor to Paris or on your first visit, the Paris Mystery Tour will show you Paris in a way like no other.

(image via HERE)

Crack the clues, guide yourself around this great city and expect to discover something new both on and off the beaten track.

A Mystery Tour is a self-guided journey around an area of a tourist city where the route you take depends on your answers to a set of clues, questions and puzzles that can be tackled in any order.

There's no tour bus, no tour guide and no headphones. Instead, they supply you with a map and a series of conundrums that send you on a journey of discovery of a city's past and present.

It's a fun way to get your bearings, see major sights, discover hidden corners, pick up interesting facts along the way and start to get a flavour of the history, architecture and people of Paris.

The information in this post is via X Marks the Spot... I've never taken this tour, but it sounds INTERESTING!!!  Sorry no paintings today... still bizeeeeeee doing commissioned paintings and working on the last to days of this A to Z Challenge... "Y" and "Z" in Paris will be PARTY DAYS come back with your fancy frocks!!!

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