One dog... Two dogs...

This room with BLUE walls (sold) and admired... and commissioned for a RE-paint...with a SLIGHT change... the black and white dog was asked to get out of the chair so the NEW owner of the painting could have her dogs painted instead...If you like any SOLD paintings by Fifi Flowers and would like to have one... you can... 1. Purchase a PRINT... or 2. Have Fifi re-paint it for YOU! All you have to do is EMAIL!

Be sure to check out MY BARGAIN PAINTING GALLERY... prices have been lowered and MANY MORE paintings will be added this week... I have a HUGE inventory of paintings that NEED to go to GOOD homes! Also... anything you see here on this site and in MY PAINTING DU JOUR GALLERY is also available at some BARGAIN prices... email me if there is one you are interested in! REMEMBER 30% off CUSTOM PAINTINGS and 50% OFF Paintings in My Etsy Shop until January 31st, 2010!!!

Anddddddddddddd... NEW price on signed PRINTS for a limited time... 15.00 + shipping... ALL PAINTINGS can be made into PRINTS!!!

Speaking of paintings... Fifi will be posting NEW paintings ALL week long until Friday! Please stop by... I have some that might be a SURPRISE... and it could be a SURPRISE for YOU!!!

Now... be sure to go off and visit Metamorphosis Monday posts over at Susan's Between Naps on the Porch... and BLUE posts via Smiling Sal's!

ENJOY your week!

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