COVER REVEAL... Saturday

SATURDAY: Light, Full Bodied & Screwed (Hookup Cafe, #6)...

Release May 13th - add to your GR TBR list


There should be rules in place when beautiful women sit at counters where chefs are trying to create dishes that are edible or maybe they should be restricted altogether... I'm not sure, I just know her speech about wines had me think of her as Light, Full Bodied & Screwed.... yes, where she was concerned I was screwed... meet Darla!

Novella - Standalone - 6 book series


FRIDAY: Laced with Spice (Hookup Cafe, #5)

Release May 5th - add to your GR TBR list

Not wanting to take a chance that my mystery man through a new blind dating service was a dud or worse, I had him meet me at Cafélicious where they were able to check him out and signal Laced with Spice for me to show up... meet Mason!

Novella - Standalone - 6 book series


THURSDAY: Bold, Rich & Strong (Hookup Cafe, #4)

Cover Design by Susan Garwood of Wicked Women Designs

He said he first noticed me on a Thursday morning. I noticed him when he asked me if I was named after a one-night stand my mother had with a stranger. He said I liked that he was Bold, Rich & Strong... I wasn't sure if he was right or if I wanted to slap him... meet Deacon!

Novella - Standalone - 6 book series


WEDNESDAY: With Lots of Cream (Hookup Café Book 3)

Release April 19th - pre-order available

Welcome to Open Mic Wednesday I announced as a gorgeous man 
close to the stage sporting sexy arm tats blurted out With Lots of Cream 
and had me so baffled that I forgot to introduce the first performer and 
belted out my own song staring straight into his clear blue eyes... meet Nate!

Novella - Standalone - 6-Book Series

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