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Love Me Now by Fifi Flowers - releasing December 1st!!!

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Thx to Susan of Wicked Women Designs for this FABuLOUS cover design


Nick Granger, an entertainment attorney, immersed himself in work logging ridiculous hours and avoiding a social life. The only connection he cared to make was with a certain ski bunny he met on a Christmas break trip years ago. 

Victoria Davine, once on the road to the advertisement world, found herself traveling a different path after life intervened. Content with her new direction, she finds herself decorating and improving other people's lives while pushing her own desires aside.

When unexpected guests announce their plans to invade for the holidays, Nick must cancel his yearly ski trip and quickly trim his apartment for Christmas. Lacking the time or talent to make his place look homey and inviting, his enthusiastic assistant hires St Davine Interiors to save her boss. And once she meets the owner, Victoria, she thinks maybe she is exactly the divine angel Nick needs to bring him back to the land of the living.

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NEW RELEASE: Falling in Paris by Fifi Flowers

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For years, bookstore owner, Émile Capet, lived his life simply... carefully guided by a family curse. Happy in his book world.

With the request for a certain rare book, he begins to question why someone would be fascinated by paved stones. How could they be considered romantic? To him, they were often dangerous. His conclusion is confirmed when he finds himself rescuing a beautiful woman sprawled out on a cobblestone sidewalk.

However, this emotionally guarded hero may change his opinion and his lifestyle once he gets to know the injured woman who just so happens to possess a special edition of the much sought after Romancing the Cobblestone book.

Avril Paulson, a book collector, owns an online book business which allows her to experience life as, what she calls, a book gypsy. She hasn’t lived in one location for several years, loving the thrill of new adventures. Staying at a client’s apartment in Paris, she finds herself being rescued by a gorgeous Frenchman after tumbling over cobblestones.

Ironically, the two begin an awkward dance of the unknown, contemplating the same question… Cobblestone: dangerous or romantic

Could it be that it is a little bit of both?


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Teasers for Falling in Paris...


About the author...

While daydreaming of her time spent sipping cafe crème in the cafes of Paris, Fifi Flowers, an internationally known artist turn author from the Los Angeles area of California, writes romance novels and paints fantasies with a Parisian flair.

Connect with Fifi:

Cover designed by Susan of Wicked Women Design


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1 Day til Paris!

Enjoy a brief teaser from Falling in Paris...

It had been almost a week since I had last seen Avril, but I thought of her constantly. And, she was in my dreams almost every night. I couldn't get her out of my head. She wasn't right for me, or more so, I wasn't right for her, I kept telling myself. We were different. Worlds apart. The only thing that connected us was our mutual love of books. Every day, it was getting harder and harder to be surrounded by books as they only made me think about her more.

Books were my life; I had to stop the association. I needed to get back on track. She was only in Paris for a limited time. The more I stayed away from her while she remained in the city, the easier it would be to forget her. Once she was gone, I would no longer anticipate seeing her on a street corner, in a café, and books would eventually cease to remind me of her. The memory of Avril would eventually vanish, as she did. I needed to keep telling myself all of that until I believed it.

          Strolling back to my bookstore, after a great meeting with a local book collector, I mentally continued my silent pep talk. Then, I saw Avril exiting my shop, and all hope of pushing her from my brain was dashed. 

Falling in Paris
available on October 5th!!!

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Praise for Reclining Nude in Chicago...

"We have been promoting this book for Fifi for weeks now and I finally got to read it and let me tell you I was hooked from the go."~Feisty Girls Book Blog

"Oh my freaking gosh. This is such a spicy read, you won't want to miss out."~Brittany's Book Blog

"I just loved this story. I wanted more of the story. This story will stun you shock you make you laugh and fall in love and definitely a lot of lust."~A Risque Affair Book Blog

"Her love scenes will make you quiver and she weaves in just the right amount of drama and angst to keep you turning the page. So get ready to be surrounded by some magnificent art, wine and passion because Fifi's books have it all..."~Autumn - Agents of Romance Fifi Flowers


Set to interview Matisse expert and curator Pierce Marten in a Chicago loft, freelance art writer Julia Van Rothfelder is mistaken for an artist's life model. 

Finding herself reclining nude posing for a handsome casually dressed curator, nothing like what she had imagined, a well-groomed man in a business suit enters the artist loft. 

As Julia surveys the two men standing before her, she wonders... 

Who is the new man? 

Who is the man behind the canvas? 

And better question, why am I nude?

Happy Reading!!!

2 Days til Paris!

Enjoy a brief teaser from Falling in Paris...

I was so happy that I had suggested we meet at a little bistro for coffee and a light breakfast instead of going to her apartment. The very thought of us being alone in her apartment was more than I could handle.

          Sitting at an outdoor table waiting for Avril to arrive, I pulled out a map and a red marker to plan out our chapel exploration. It was a good distraction until she lightly tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hey, tourist."

Turning to her delicate touch, I smiled, enchanted by her beauty. So close to me, I breathed in her intoxicating scent with a hint of lavender. Was it real or in my head as I looked into her sparkling eyes as she sat down across from me? Those damn lavender eyes of hers would surely be the death of me.

Bonjour, Avril,” I said as she joined me.

          "I'm in desperate need..." escaped from her lush red lips hesitantly as she crossed her long legs, and I swallowed hard as she finished her statement "...of coffee." I was in desperate need of ravaging her. I was in trouble already, and our outing had yet to commence. Trying to clear my head, I looked down at the map and added a few more marks.

Extending a slender, red-painted fingernail to the middle of my print out, I gritted my teeth thinking of those nails dragging along my back. "I see that I will need a lot of caffeine and a little food to make it to all of those red circles." I laughed at her remark; I had gotten a little crazy with the pen.

Falling in Paris
available on October 5th!!!

3 Days til Paris!

Enjoy a brief teaser from Falling in Paris...

I was thinking about my handsome Frenchman. Ha! He was not mine, but I wished he was. I loved the way he dressed; his clothing looked to be custom made for him—they hugged his body perfectly. His tweed trousers, white button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a waistcoat looked almost like a period costume, like he was from a different era. Strange. How many times had I heard the same thing said about my look? Another thing we had in common along with an apparent love of books. Mmm... The body under those garments looked inviting too; strong muscular forearms, a broad chest, slim waist, great ass. And the package looked like it might be nice as well! Hearing my name, I whipped my head in the direction of the woman closest to me, coming back to reality.

          "Avril, do you care to share? The moan that just escaped your throat tells me you have something—perhaps wicked—on your mind."

          Another woman joined in, prodding me for information. "Yeah, you have a look of pure ecstasy on your face, mademoiselle... Do tell!" 

Falling in Paris
available on October 5th!!!

4 Days til Paris!

Enjoy a brief teaser from Falling in Paris...

Her ebony hair was so shiny, I wanted to grab a hold of it and pull her closer to my face. I needed a better view of those lavender eyes of hers, they burned into me. I had never seen eyes that color, ever. They were vivid lavender like a field in the French countryside. Closing my eyes, I imagined her nude, lying amongst blooming lavender. Shaking my head, I opened my eyes and I recalled her lips—they were full and puffy and painted a deep, dark blood-red. What would it be like to nibble on them? Would they taste like wild cherries? What would they feel like wrapped around me? And her skin, how I wanted to skim my fingers over her smooth, ivory complexion. I imagined her skin would feel like satin. Mmm . . . satin. I wondered if she had satin sheets. And then, I remembered her pebbled nipples visible through her lace bra, and the hint of matching panties as she was sprawled out amongst her books on the cobblestone street.
Books. The books alerted me. Though I sensed she was having similar thoughts about me as I softly tended to her scrapes, the book titles screamed, "She's not for you!" 

Falling in Paris
available on October 5th!!!

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