January 10, 2013

Love Convertibles

Fifi LOVES convertibles... and if she gets her way she will have one by the end of 2013... fingers crossed!  The other thing she loves is a show on TV... she doesn't watch much TV but this is one she fancies!!! Wheeler Dealer on the Velocity Channel in the Los Angeles area... two British chaps that redo FABuLOUS cars... LOVE this convertible... a Classic British sportscar... the Morgan... lovely, non?

 Don't you just love the photos above of the UK countryside?
Hope YOU are off driving around in a convertible somewhere... Bon weekend...


P.S. Next Week there will be NEW Fifi Flowers paintings... Pop back over!!!

Looking for an ORIGINAL PAINTING... Fifi Flowers Shop

1 comment:

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

Fifi, I can just see you cruising around in one of those cars. :) Hope you get that wish. Its a little to cold here right now to be in one altho our neighbor has one he can put the top up and down on. He also has a motor cycle he tootles around in even in Winter. :O Looking forward to your paintings again.

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