Pups on Furniture

Hmmmm... I understand pups on chairs, pillows, sofas, beds...

BUTTTT... not sure I'm ok with pups on tables...

What do YOU think?

J'adore painting pets/furry family members WHEREVER... contact to have Fifi paint for YOU!

Be sure to see other tables via Tablescape Thursday


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A Lady's Life said...

little pups are always ok on tables.They are no different than cats who always do what they want.
I like to use the table when clipping my dog Otherwise it would be most uncomfortable.It helps me also bond with the dog.When she licks me I know we are friends.
But a good cleaning is in order afterward.Lol

miss b said...

No maybe not on tables but I do love those cute little dogs with bows that you see in Paris often peeping out of big handbags. gorgeous picture once again.

McKenzie Britton said...

Once again, you have surprised me Fifi. I LOVE IT!!! You have outdone yourself, as always. Can't wait for Little Pippi to arrive.


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