Beach Bum Biscuit DOG Contest 2012

Time to sit down... and look through all of your DOG photos...

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YOUR dog... yesssssssssss... YOUR dog or someone you know's dog could be part of this SPECIAL collection that will help sponsor service and guide dogs!!!  ONLY ONE ENTRY PER HOUSEHOLD!!!Here is how this is going to work... EVERYONE interested in POSSIBLY having their dog painted by Fifi for this frameable notecard series... please email or send a link to a photo of YOUR dog or this can be for a friend or family member.  The photos will then be posted online MONDAY, JUNE 11 and  VOTING will begin... yessss then you can vote ONCE for the dog YOU would like to see painted... there will be 6 WINNERS!!!  YOUR dog will be painted and made into a notecard... WINNERS will received a set of notecards and a you will receive a SPECIAL rate if you wish to purchase YOUR DOG painted by Fifi Flowers!!!  EMAIL photos to: … or list a link to photos in comments by FRIDAY, JUNE 8 @ NOON Pacific time soooo I have time to post your doggies!!!  VOTING will be for 2 days... WINNERS will be announced FRIDAY, JUNE 15th

YOU can see ALL of last year's' winners HERE

For more information or to purchase Beach Bum Biscuits for your dogs or to learn more about the guide dog program go HERE for more information!!!

Off you go to look through photos or snap new ones!!!



carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

great contest Fifi! I can see you love dogs as much as I do! I will send you a photo of mine. hope you have a wonderful weekend, darling!

caroline @ patagonia gifts and jewelry

Champagne Macarons said...

How fun! I will forward pics of my dogs.
Please stop by to enter my Lavender Dreams giveaway.
Wishing you a lovely weekend, mon ami!!
xoxo, B

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, this is so wonderful. I must enter one of our doggies.

I happened to find your site while searching for illustrations of Paris for a French blog post I will be sharing at the end of this week. I am a huge fan of whimsical illustrations. Would love to display some of your art in this post, and credit you along with a link to your page and Etsy. Please stop by my page and let me know if this would be okay with you. I have done so for many artistic friends.

Thank you.
Much love,

martinealison said...

Un merveilleux concours où tous nos amis à quatre pattes sont à l'honneur grâce à vous ma chère Fifi et votre talent.
Gros bisous

A Lady's Life said...

you can't beat that mug :)

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