Fashionable Pink Dining

I thought we should have a little party in Paris... this PINK (with the help of Fifi's paintbrush) cafe is PARFAIT for Beverly and her Pink friends and Pinkalicious, non?


It is a GRAND location for celebrating... Chick Lit Central picked Fifi's other site
Reading is Fashionable as the
BLOG of the WEEK!!!  Merci Beaucoup to them!!!

2012 Café Calendars are NOW AVAILABLE !!!

Don't forget to visit Reading is Fashionable...
there is a NEW GIVEAWAY 

oui oui oui... a NEW book... actually 2 copies to be given away!!!!
"Bonjour, Happiness" Secrets to Finding YOUR Joie de Vivre
written by author Jamie Cat Callan

Bon Weekend mon amis!

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