Sydney with Dustjacket Attic

After all the busy and CRAZINESS of Paris Fashion week... I needed to "GETAWAY" and what better place to do it than Down Under... and what better person to meet up with "VIRTUALLY" than Dustjacket Attic...
She and I sat down to chat here at Cafe Sydney...
Soooo fun... I got to ask her a few question... of course my first question was "Who is your favourite designer?"

Dustjacket Attic... "There are just so many fantastic designers, but the one that stands out for me is John Galliano at Dior. He has the most incredible imagination and gift for designing ... love you Mr Galliano!"

oui oui oui... Fifi painted one of his designs... and wondered... Dustjacket Attic, do you own anything designed by this designer?

Dustjacket Attic was QUICK to reply... "I wish .... anyone want to send me over some Dior"

She must read A LOT of magazines... "How many fashion magazines do you subscribe to Dustjacket Attic?"

Ooooh and she had a good answer... "Lets just say that the retirement homes in the vicinity are well catered for in the magazine department. I have to, out of necessity, clear some out occasionally ... I picture the old ladies laughing at the more outlandish fashion spreads."
Ooooh and do you have a favourite magazine?

Dustjacket Attic... "Oh... have to say Vogue!"

Anddddd I LOVE all the FABuLOUS photos you show on your blog via Vogue and others of course... hmmm... how long have you been blogging?

Dustjacket Attic... "Since 2009, and it's been a total blast. Bloggers are the best, so friendly and supportive."
Do you have a favourite blog post... or two?

Dustjacket Attic... "of mine? Ahhh that is a tough one ... maybe 'First Impressions' by Miles Aldridge. He sees things very differently. This editorial would have been incredibly difficult to pull off and he did it...
oooh and one more post Dusktjacket Attic adores... 'A Bedtime Story' "Steven Meisel photographed this beautiful editorial for Vogue Italia Jan 2008"...

"Soooo Dustjacket Attic... What is something you want readers to know about you?"

Dustjacket Attic... "I'm a TOTAL pushover in relation to animals and babies. Also I'm passionate about fashion photography ... surprise! It's in the photography, the fashion sometimes can be secondary to me if the photographer, stylist, model (to name a few) can take you on a visual journey and create a story, particularly in some wonderful location."
Oooooh and I sooooo agree with Dustjacket Attic... J'adore how I have been able to take ALL of YOU on this little VIRTUALLY journey to meet Dustjacket Attic... and I hope you all enjoyed the wine and lunch...

Thank you so much Fifi for the chat, it's been fun!
Merci beaucoup to you, DJ for having moi over for a little FUN chat... BTW... loved your faux leopard jacket, handbag and gloves... you looked FABuLOUS!!!  See you tomorrow... a SPECIAL PINK SATURDAY Paris Fashion Week Wrap Up post for ALL of YOU!!!
P.S.  Fifi would LOVE to travel VIRTUALLY to YOUR part of the world... please EMAIL with YOUR story!!!

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