January 7, 2011

Painting a Day 7

Ooooh la la... it's Petunia and Fifi... where are they?  what are they up to? Tell us THEIR story... these two are DEFINITELY up to something in this painting...(this ORIGINAL painting is NOT AVAILABLE... it is shipping to Petunia... she has a Fifi Gallery!)

oooooh I can't wait to hear what they are doing via YOU!!! Oui oui oui... YOU could WIN a PRIZE... YOUR name will be ENTERED to WIN a FASHIONABLE Fifi Flowers ORIGINAL PAINTING... when you answer the questions... THINK FUN because these two women are DEFINITELY FUN and ADVENTUROUS... remember this is a G rated blog... sooooo be a bit reserved... Bring on YOUR best story about Petunia and Fifi on an Adventure... to learn MORE about these two... HERE are some LINKS to Petunia and Fifi...
WHERE IT ALL BEGAN! Must read Comments and Petunia appears!
April 16, 2009
June 9, 2009
June 16, 2009
October 1, 2009
October 2, 2009
October 7, 2009
thee are several more adventures... but for NOW... these might help you...  there are various stories... be sure to read comments left and have some LAUGHS!  Deadline to comment is Saturday at midnight California time... Winner will be named on Monday January 10th!

Anddddd don't forget to visit Laura Trevey and see who else is taking her up on the Painting a Day Challenge and on Saturday visit Beverly and her PINK posting friends... Bon week-end!


Petunia said...

Dearest Fifi:

I do love seeing my name is print especially when it's not connected to something that brings with it the possibility of handcuffs.! However, the possibility of handcuffs means I have had some fabulous fun doing something just a bit naughty and quite honestly, I can find nothing wrong with that. One's perspective is always at play, I suppose. But this time, you and I are front page news at the Paris Daily for just being ourselves! Oh, Fifi, we do live lovely lives, don't we?

Petunia who cannot believe no one wants to tell a story about her and Fifi.

Fifi Flowers said...

ooooh I know... I'm surprised someone didn't come up with a FABuLOUS story... I could come up with a FEW... perhaps the painting is too mellow... no handcuffs visible... hmmmm

Petunia said...

Dearest Fifi:

The painting is perfect, just like we are! Maybe people are busy thinking very hard about us, as I know so many do already. If that is not the case, I will just love adding another of your paintings to my vast collect.

Petunia who would never allow herself to be painted with handcuff on...well, maybe not.

Fifi Flowers said...

You know some handcuffs are rather CHARMING and CHIC... I'm sure one of those French designers have some.. or could design ones just for YOU!!!

Petunia said...

Dearest Fifi:

Oh, Fifi, you make me laugh! I never said I didn't own any. You know how I love bracelets.

Petunia who always carries a spare key.

Fifi Flowers said...

Oui oui oui... think some of those BRACELETS have gotten you in to some INTERESTING situations!!! Good to keep extra keys handy!

Fifi Flowers said...

Oooops forgot to mention... Petunia... I will be shipping this painting to YOU darling... it could belong to NO ONE else... the WINNER of this GIVEAWAY will get to select from a few of my FASHIONABLE paintings... some NEVER seen before!!!

Laura Trevey said...

LOVE this one, so fun!!!

Fifi Flowers said...

It is a FUN idea! Was hoping for some FUN stories... where are you Kathleen? Renae?

Anonymous said...

Excerpts from Fifi and Petunia's Madcap Adventure in the South of France:

"I have to find my love before Petunia does...she is always after the men that swarm around me". What's a girl to do? Maybe...her plane has not landed yet and I still have time to contact him before she gets her "dirty little hands" on him. But ooh la la he would NEVER look at her...not after moi chains him to the bed! Or would he?

Petunia said...

Dearest Kristie:

What a simply lovely version of our story you have offered! Healthy self esteem is so important, isn't it? However, too much of a good thing can be deadly, I have heard. I have been known to catch the eye of men who have lovely women clutching at their arm but I assure you, if a man is being well taken care of, a woman need never fear him leaving her for another. If you are doing your job, you need not see me as an advisory as I am not in the business of stealing. I prefer being courted appropriately and properly.

Petunia who thinks Kristie writes fabulous fiction.

Petunia said...

Dearest Fifi:

Where in the world are Kathleen and Renae "I want some" Moore? I do adore them both to bits! And I have no doubt they would have fantastical things to say about what we are up to. Oh, Fifi, aren't they still my friends? Or has something happened that I am completely unaware of? Have you slighted them in some way? Please do back to me on this.

Petunia who misses her playmates.

Renae Moore said...

YooHoo Girlie Girls! I have been on a long trip today spoiling my son and just about missed out on ALL of the fun. Oh how could I? Whenever there is bubbly being popped, I am sure to be there. I just know you have a chaise reserved for moi right next to you with some of my fave bubbly ready to be popped! I must talk to you girls about your manners however. A lady never drinks from a straw as it causes those nasty little creases above one's lips. Tell Pierre my jet will be arriving shortly and ask him to have Marcus bring up the Pink Rolls to fetch me and take me straight to you. Oh how I have missed our adventures, I so need to play. See you soon!
Renae who got honked out by nasty semi trucks today as she was driving her son's hotrod down the highway.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Okay you Two...
I finally caught up with you. Now what have you gotten yourselves into this time? Pray tell...

Now to me, it appears you are back in Cannes. I see the beautiful blue background, ocean perhaps, and I see Petunia has a crown on.

Oh Petunia, tell me you did NOT walk out with that crown from Cartier. I know how you love their jewels. Oh my gosh, and you took a ring for FiFi too. Oh dear Lord, what am I going to do with you two.

And there you are sipping champagne and acting as though you are perfectly innocent. Just look at the two of you. Well I guess I had better go read the headlines, and see who's looking for you. I will try to keep you posted. In the meantime, could you be a little less conspicuous?

Hope you have a wonderful time sweet ones. I have so enjoyed playing along this evening. Ooh-la-la.. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

A Lady's Life said...

Totally laid back and fine.
What a way to enjoy the day.:)

Amy said...

Fifi and Petunia could not resist attending the private affair at the Louvre once they got word of it. Wearing their most fabulous couture they were off for another adventure. As luck would have it an undercover security agent recognized Petunia's "borrowed" tiara and sadly they had to make a hasty exit from the wonderful party. Their driver was waiting outside and knew by the look on their faces that he needed to get them to the jet quickly. Since Paris was too dangerous for them at the moment, Fifi and Petunia decided to go to one of their favorite private beaches along the coast of Italy. Not trusting to let the Tiara out of her sight for now, Petunia decided the best solution was to wear it even while lounging by the water. Well done ladies a toast to you both!

Couture Carrie said...

Love this one, daring FF!


Char said...

Love this post Fifi, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Melissah said...

I'm an interior designer from Melbourne, Australia - I loved your blog, I found it very inspiring. This is all new to me but I have just set up my own blog
You may like to check it out because I had so much fun doing it.
Thanks for providing me with such great entertainment!

Petunia said...

Dearest Fifi:

The picture you have painted of us has brought it all back....

I remember waking up in Nice to a huge stack of daily journals Francois had set on my breakfast table for me to peruse. As I pushed them aside, not quite ready to read all the party reviews and scandalous events of the night before, a front page caught my eye and to my extreme delight, we were on the front page of the Nice Malin, Fifi! Of course I couldn't resist reading it right away. As I pulled it out from the stack the whole pile slid and fell to the floor. As I reached down to pick them up I couldn't believe what I was seeing! There was more of us... on the front page of dozens of newspapers! Oh, Fifi, It as just like Christmas morning...without all the blue boxes, of course.

Do you remember that day on the beach, Fifi? All those lovely tan bodies, the smell of oil, the cabana boys...it was a simply fabulous day to lounge around and daydream. I knew the paparazzi was taking pictures of us as well they should. We looked amazing! Imagine...the moment I sneak one teeny, tiny look at a most beautiful man the camera captured it! Had the camera been looking at what I was looking at, it would have caught that beautiful man laughing and smiling adoringly at the woman beside him as he slipped his hand into her bag and relieved her of her jewels. It turned out to be most fortunate for her that I took that little peek.

Of course I told the authorities immediately and he was arrested and we ended up on the cover of everything everywhere as they told the story of how I caught a most famous womanizing jewel thief. Do you remember all the lovely parties thrown in my honor that week, Fifi? We were simply exhausted and required another getaway to recover.

And that is what we were doing in your painting!

Petunia who just loves to play with her BFF Fifi, Kristie, Renae and Sherry and Amy!

Fifi Flowers said...

Ooooh sooo FUN was our adventure... we have a WINNER... oui oui oui... Country Wings in Phoenix!!!!

Petunia... darling I think you should write a monthly column... I think people NEED to hear from you MORE often!!!

See you soon... maybe Friday... let me know if you are available!

Fifi Flowers said...

Oooor better yet... maybe a Dear Petunia column... I'm sure MANY would like to receive advice via YOU... oui oui oui... there is much to ask YOU and even MORE for you to TELL!

Petunia said...

Dearest Fifi:

Thank you so much for asking me to share with your fans all that I know. I do love to impart pearls of wisdom whenever I can. Please have your people forward their questions to my people and we will start a lovely little column. Dear, Petunia...oh, what great fun! I will have to purchase something appropriate to wear for advice column writing.

Petunia who knows more than you might expect!

Unknown said...


You have the BEST friends! :) Smiles, Kristine

Renae Moore said...

Oui Oiu Oui Dear Petunia....oh what fun!

Gigi said...

I love this painting...it reminds me of myself and my BFF Linda! Is a print available? I'd like to add it to my FiFi collection

Kathleen Ellis said...

Oh my!!! Once again you naughty girls have set out on an adventure while I was away and unable to participate! Why or why do you insist on timing these escapades when I am away on my own?
Always making headlines without me! Really! Just because I have a Prince who adores me and showers me with love and presents doesn't mean you have to exclude me from your escapades, does it?! I can still have fun...with or without handcuffs! and I really don't mind sharing the limelight with you two, afterall...we are friends, right?
I am glad to hear you had such fun...even though it was without me!

Fifi Flowers said...

Oooh I was wondering where you were! Tied up as usual... or handcuffed... hmmm! Hope to see you Friday for some FUN!!!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh FiFi...
I am SO thrilled. Yeahhh. See it pays to keep up with you two. I love seeing through your eyes, a piece of the world that this little old Country Wings has never been, but my heart dreams so of it. I love the Eiffel Tower, if I could but gaze upon that just once in my lifetime.

Have your people contacted Petunia's people? I so want her to write a column. What fun that would be.

Thank you again sweet friend. I am so tickled PINK in PARIS over this one.

Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

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