P = Parc Monceau with Beryn

Today I give you GUEST BLOGGER Beryn Hammil of Beryn Hammil Designs... and her account of a Saturday in Paris through these gates...
(image via here)

Saturday morning we slept in and by noon meandered outside to find it a brisk, sunny day. We started walking, again in no particular direction, and eventually found ourselves in our favorite little area, Parc Monceau. It's a neighborhood park where people of all ages can find nature in the midst of their urban life. An ancient stone arch spans a sidewalk, a stone gazebo provides shade from the summer sun, and children chase pigeons here just like anywhere else in the world.

(image via Beryn)

Parc Monceau, a little neighborhood park

(image via Beryn)

(image via Beryn)

(image via Beryn)

(image via Beryn)

(image via here)

At one end of the park is a little treasure of a museum, Musée Cernuschi. It's once private collection devoted to ancient Asian art, and especially Chinese pieces, is now open to the public, and at no charge. A 12' tall sculpture of Buddha seated on an ebony marble base dominates one section of the building, and from here one can wander in and out of various rooms, each focusing on a different period. Few people seem to know about this gem of a museum, and even fewer tourists, but it's well worth the visit.

(image via Wikipedia)

Twelve foot tall Buddha sculpture dominates the Musée Chernuschi main hall...

(image via Beryn)

From the museum we continued our neighborhood wandering in the 17th Arondissement until we got hungry. Lunch in a bistro, Café Monceau, consisted of "mille feille d'aubergine et boeff," a delicious turine of eggplant and ground beef baked lasagne style and served with a green salad. I resisted temptation and didn't order the apple tart, which looked fabulous.

dining room...
private room... j'adore the red chandelier...
and the bar...
Merci Beaucoup Beryn for a FABULOUS day in the Parc Monceau and Café Monceau... I quite ENJOYED it and LOVE your photos... oui... I was inspired to paint...

Ooooh and next time Beryn order the apple tart... you only live once!!!

ENJOY your week... and be sure to come back for MORE A to Z Challenge... April in Paris!!!


Kathysue said...

Fifi thankyou for the virtual trip. I love that it inspired you to paint. Your paintings are inspiring to all of your readers, Kathysue

Splenderosa said...

Fifi...this is so pretty. I'm discovering things I never knew about Paris through you & your art.
And each new piece you do is more lovely then the one before. How do you do this?

Karena said...

Fifi, I love Beryn's design work. She is wonderful, how exciting!!

I have a new post and interview up I think you will enjoy!

Art by Karena

MELI. said...

the details in the doors and chandeliers are delish!
thanks for sharing beryn! :D


It's wonderful to have a guided trip through Paris whilst at the comfort of ones home, The photo's are excellent and though I have never been to Paris I feel through your blogs I know it very well.

Have a lovely day.

hjn said...

Sending you a little Link Love today!
Beautiful post and beautiful paintings as usual!
Have a good one!
Mama Holli

zoom yummy said...

Yaaay, how lovely! I love your site! Great job. :)



Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Loved the tour. Great paintings too. One of those photos looked like something one of the impressioinists would have painted.. or did paint.

Patty said...

I absolutely love the paintings they're very much in the style of Ludwig Bemelmans "Madeleine", thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

How lovely it would be for me to actually visit there... At least I can go for now through your blog :)
Come see, I posted my Marie Antoinette b.day party pics!

La Petite Gallery said...

Darling FiFi, Thank you for another wonder trip around Paris.
It's a great place to live>


Renae Moore said...

Beautiful....we need a REAL trip!

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