May 12, 2009

Custom Home Portraits and Interviews...

Extra Extra... Read all about it... The Winner of the Custom Home Portrait by Fifi Flowers is Announced! The winner will email Fifi a photo of their home like Julia of Hooked on Houses did...Fifi will then paint it... Congratulations to the winner... I'm looking forward to seeing your home!

If you are new to my blog or not new to my blog and would like to know more about Fifi Flowers(moi)... FAB Fashion stylist Kelli Djulus interviewed me and you can read it here at A Rendezvous with Style ... pop over and say hello to Kelli and maybe you will WIN a PRINT of one of my paintings she has posted... deadline to enter midnight PDT... winner announced on Fashionable Friday!I'm soooo honoured that she wanted to interview moi!

Thank you to Julia for hosting The Custom Home Portrait by Fifi Flowers contest... NOW... you must pop over to Hooked on Houses to see if YOU are the lucky winner! If you are not the winner... remember you can always commission a Fifi Flowers portrait of your home!!!

Tomorrow... bring some bird seed for our Outdoor Wednesday adventure!

ENJOY your day!


Cindy said...

i love julia's house and your painting is wonderful!

Pat said...

Good morning Fifi!

Julia left a note at the Back Porch. WOW, I am so happy to be the lucky recipient of the house portrait! I can't wait to see our home, through your amazing art.

Congratulations on the interview. I'm going over, to read it, when I leave here.

Unknown said...

Hello Fifi! I'm finally catching up with you and LOVE what I see! How exciting and I can't wait to see who wins. Your work is so fabulous and someone is going to be so LUCKY!

Blessings - Debbie

Unknown said...

Beautiful Miss Fifi! I can't decide which I like best, your home portraits, your pet portraits, or your colorful flowers!

nomo wino daph said...

How awesome!!!

Congrats!! I know FiFi will do you proud!!

{hope your toe is feeling better girl!}

Much Love-Daph

Muffy said...

OOH, you are SUCH a celeb! I must read the interview ASAP! Love the house, it looks fantastic!

La Belette Rouge said...

As soon as we find our house I am so having you paint it!!

FrenchBlue said...

Congratulations on the interview!! I can't wait to read it~ Love the house painting too!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Great interview and love the house painting so perfect. Have a great Tuesday.

kate said...

Hey Fifi,
I always enjoy your blog!!! So creative, and esp. your paintings..
thanks for visiting one of my blogs. I do appriciate as Im sure your very busy with your blog and painting....Best to you

Blue Muse said...

Oooooh Fifi! I love Julia's home, and your painting is fab! All of your paintings add a zing of happiness to everything you paint!
Love it!
xo Isa

A Lady's Life said...

Congrats on your interview Very well done.
So you got your idea from Matisse.

There are so many nice painters out there.You just can't get enough. I love your colors and freshness of your designs>:)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Fifi,

Love Julia's home and the painting you did. She must be really happy with her Artowrk.

Congratulations on your interview - off now to have a look.

I hope that your toe is coming right.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Lovely house painting as usual. Off to read your interview.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fifi, Imogen Lamport from Inside Out Style is in town this week and she and I have been talking about your talent! I tried to email you but it failed; We think you'd be perfect to design a silhoutted icon for my new business! Can you contact me via email? thanks, Karen

LP Vintage said...

J'adore your paintings - all of them!! I keep looking at your Etsy things and can't make up my mind because I want them all!!!

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