Fifi Hangs with the Great Artist...

Soooo... I received a phone call from Petunia a couple days ago... telling me to meet her in Paris at a place with a LARGE pyramid for an entrance... please send over 5 pieces of your art work today, and make sure you have a spectacular frock on when I see you Tuesday... and something about this is to be an important day for you... welllll the only place I know that has one of those is the Louvre...
A man slipped me a message as I ran towards the staircase...
Halfway up I paused to read it..."Dearest Fifi: This is about to be your best day ever!
Run down the hallway past all those fabulously naked statues...and past all those old paintings.

You will see a big gold door on your right. Take a moment to adjust your crown, and open the door..."
With love and fabulous thoughts of you, Petunia I opened the doors to a crowd of people... as I entered they parted and there on the walls were the 5 paintings I had delivered to Petunia earlier... I was sooooooooo overwhelmed... but all I could think of was... oooooooh no... I did not wear a crown as Petunia suggested but a hat...
Once I regained my composure... I saw my "Wine and Roses in Paris"
"Pont Neuf Apartment"
"On the Street with Eiffel""French Wine and Bread"
"Berry Cushions with a View" Just as my show was ending, another man approached me with another message.
"Dearest Fifi: I do hope you have had a grand afternoon! Your Opening was a wild success! Paris loves you! There is only one more thing for you to do. Run out to the street. A lovely car will be waiting curbside to deliver you to me! We have a bit of celebrating to do! Now hurry, Fifi! You know how I hate to wait!. Kisses and crowns! Your BFF, Petunia"

Oooooh... does anyone have a crown I could borrow... welllll... let's hope she loves my hat! Oooooh this car is FAB... off for more FUN with Petunia! Thank you Petunia for helping me out with today's post... and getting my art VIRTUALLY into the Louvre!!! Thank you to everyone that attended my VIRTUAL opening in Paris!!!

All art work in this post is AVAILABLE in MY ETSY STORE!!!

Tomorrow my guest blogger will be Linda of Lime in the Coconut!

(Photos via Google Search for Louvre, Gold Doors and Citreon car)

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