Lovely to have works of art in your home...

My favorite artist Henri Matisse... the originals are not affordable or available... so I painted them. These are my reproductions of his wonderful work that are displayed throughout my home... These two ladies reproduced from Matisse's "Tea" 1919 reside in my tiny studio loft within my home... they are always watching over me and I am always wishing I was sitting with them... although I must say I'm not a tea fan... so if they were to invite me over... I would hope they would break out something with a little kick... or bubbles... I've actually thought of adding a couple champagne flutes to the painting! The original painting is on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art... yes, I have visited it on many occasions... love it!
This reproduction of Matisse's "Anemones in a Vase" 1943 is displayed over a custom built-in craftsman style bookcase in the music room... center stage! I'm not sure where the original painting is housed... if anyone knows... chime in!
This reproduction of Matisse's "Goldfish" 1911 is resting on an easel in my master bedroom. I viewed the original of this painting and the next painting for the first time at the LACMA "Impressionist to Early Modern Paintings from the USSR"
This reproduction of Matisse's "Nasturtiums with 'La Danse' "1912 is in my music room... what used to be my living room before our major construction project
This reproduction is Matisse's "Calla Lilies, Irises and Mimosas"1913 part of his Morocco travels... this is in my red dining room. I was lucky enough to make a pilgrimage to MOMA in NYC to the Henri Matisse - A Retrospective exhibit... OUTSTANDING! This painting was part of the exhibit as was the next painting and along with two that were part of the USSR exhibit.This was my first reproduction... Matisse's "Interior with a Goldfish Bowl" 1914 is the view of quai Saint-Michel ... it is in my dining room also. I have reproduced more paintings by Henri Matisse as gifts to friends and family. I've been told on several occasions that my work looks like it is influenced by Matisse... I would have to say YES!!! (my mother thinks I am Matisse reincarnated... lol!)
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