May 27, 2023

Flower Paint Challenges

I adore flowers… easy to want to paint them… 

Great challenge… happy with my painting results!

May 25, 2023

Café Daydreaming Table Ready

Café creme, butter biscuits, sketch notebooks ready to create… next: which Paris cafe do I pick… hmmm… one day I sit at one and then sit at the other the following day… ANDDDDDDD these are not the only cafe to visit—they are very famous—and I should not run out of new places anytime soon… NOW I need a trip to Paris…

For NOW I will visit them virtually and imagine I’m painting in a Parisian outdoor cafe! 

Yellow Pitcher with Orchids

I’m really liking painting STILL LIFE… this was a challenge… actually two challenges that I combined…

LOVE the photos married together!

May 24, 2023

Strawberry Fields Forever

My painting today—another Instagram paint challenge—has me wanting to sing Strawberry Fields forever…

Such a cute mug…I love my extra little strawberries hanging and peeking out of the mini pitcher… inspired from my garden… hubby is tending to all of his strawberry plants and I’m tasting the fruit 🍓 doing my part!


May 23, 2023

Day 50 - Dandy Daisy Day Decor

Such a FUN art challenge… I really wish it wasn’t in my journal… but I could make prints from it… see me paint this artwork in this post too!!!

The painting before my signature BLACK outlining…

Process… video ends before outlining and highlighting…

Today is my 50th journal post AND I’m thinking of journaling randomly instead of daily… no completion of 365 day in a row challenge… but I will still do entries.

May 22, 2023

Day 49- Spring is Sprung

Journaling what was sitting right in front of me tonight… mother’s day bouquet…

What will I paint tomorrow?


BIG SALE!!! ORIGINAL PAINTINGS… one of a kind… no duplicates… Don’t miss out!!!


There’s even MORE than these paintings post here…


POP over to my ART SHOP now!!!

May 21, 2023

Day 48 - Garden Adventure in Alinker Style

Due to muscle weakness in my legs, I rely on a FUN and FABULOUS mobility device called an ALINKER… it holds my weight and allows me to walk and even run… It has changed my life for the better. Today I had it outside in my garden so I snapped a photo and painted it while sitting outdoors…

FUN to paint my Alinker: Tour de Francie… I LOVE her!!!
What will be my subject tomorrow?

May 20, 2023

La Maison Rose

Paint a France Facade is a challenge… I’ve always loved the look of this cute cafe and I even used it as a place for two of my “Falling in Paris” book characters to first run into each and later meet for a meal while discussing their day touring together… This is the final result with a little brighter pink than another one in this posting…

Right after this photo, you will see my first shade of pink and it is more like the original photo but I just wanted to cheer up the cafe a bit ANDDDDDDD… I opened the cafe and put out chairs and tables…

Years ago I actually painted La Maison Rose with more of the street in view and this cobblestone street happens to be where my book characters FALL (possibly literally) FOR EACH OTHER…

GREAT MEMORIES of my writing days!
By The Way… Falling In Paris, a novel, is AVAILABLE HERE

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