A Window to Love Christmas Special

It's the time of the year to window shop... to find LOVE... to read ROMANCE...

A romance that started with a HOLIDAY WINDOW

Excerpt from A Window to Love...

Almost to the end of my stroll, I stopped before one of the windows of the renowned Bergdorf Goodman department store.  My eyes quickly began dancing around, taking in all of the treasures on display within the window.  Pale, icy blue draperies dropped in long glistening sheets down either side of the dazzling fantasy world.  The first thing that captured my attention was an exquisite Christmas tree dripping with tear-shaped jewels in brilliant shades of blue.  Twinkling white lights made all of the gems sparkle and come alive, tantalizing my senses.  The crown jewel of the window was a magnificent blue crystal chandelier hanging in the center of the window.  Its light blue droplets cascaded to the floor giving the illusion of an icy cold rain shower.  Surrounding the chandelier, clear fragrance bottles floated at various heights decorating the open space.  It appeared as if some of the bottles had fallen and broken open, spilling blue liquid into pools on the ground.  Light dancing off the liquid mimicked ripples on a pond of blue water ensconced by bejeweled blue sea creatures.  As my eyes darted around enchanted by all the blue reflections, I was drawn to an enormous, plush, blue velvet chair.  Leaning up against the front of the chair was a large framed photograph.  Moving closer to the window my heart started racing. Tilting my head, I looked into the most gorgeous face I had ever laid eyes upon.  Dark, thick, tousled hair perfect for running my fingers through.  Full lips waiting for me to trace them with my tongue. Piercing blue eyes—made even more pronounced by all of the blue elements in the window—made my body tingle.  The hint of a taut body highlighted by wide shoulders and a broad chest was just as moan-producing.  Yes, I was undressing the photo of a beautiful man.  No, not just a beautiful man, the most beautiful man that I had ever seen. 

Licking my lips, a soft sigh escaped my body as my eyes slipped halfway closed.  “Oh j'adore... what I would love to do with you!” I murmured faintly lost in my own fantasy world momentarily.

Jerked back to reality, my eyes suddenly fluttered open as I heard a husky, masculine voice close to my ear.  “Perhaps I can be of some assistance.”

Did I really say those words out loud?  Loud enough for someone to hear?  Startled, I turned and looked into darkened, smirking eyes—the same eyes as the ones in the window.  Stumbling forward, strong hands reached out to catch me.  His touch sent quivers through my body and heat straight between my thighs.  My heart rate accelerated.  My breathing became erratic.  I thought I may pass out at any moment.  

Believe it or not, he was even more gorgeous in person.  My fantasy man was dressed in a black three-piece suit with a crisp white shirt, a slate blue tie and a coordinating pocket square that intensified his blue eyes.  His hair was a bit messy as if he had just run his hands through it.  A shadow of facial stubble on his ruggedly handsome face accentuated his strong jaw line.  Ooh la laHe was totally edible!  Undeniably sexy!

WINDOWS from this year's Bergdorf Goodman holiday display... the colours remind me of the window that I made up for my holiday romance...

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A Window to Love...

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Happy Holidays!!!

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