4 Days til Paris!

Enjoy a brief teaser from Falling in Paris...

Her ebony hair was so shiny, I wanted to grab a hold of it and pull her closer to my face. I needed a better view of those lavender eyes of hers, they burned into me. I had never seen eyes that color, ever. They were vivid lavender like a field in the French countryside. Closing my eyes, I imagined her nude, lying amongst blooming lavender. Shaking my head, I opened my eyes and I recalled her lips—they were full and puffy and painted a deep, dark blood-red. What would it be like to nibble on them? Would they taste like wild cherries? What would they feel like wrapped around me? And her skin, how I wanted to skim my fingers over her smooth, ivory complexion. I imagined her skin would feel like satin. Mmm . . . satin. I wondered if she had satin sheets. And then, I remembered her pebbled nipples visible through her lace bra, and the hint of matching panties as she was sprawled out amongst her books on the cobblestone street.
Books. The books alerted me. Though I sensed she was having similar thoughts about me as I softly tended to her scrapes, the book titles screamed, "She's not for you!" 

Falling in Paris
available on October 5th!!!

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