3 Days til Paris!

Enjoy a brief teaser from Falling in Paris...

I was thinking about my handsome Frenchman. Ha! He was not mine, but I wished he was. I loved the way he dressed; his clothing looked to be custom made for him—they hugged his body perfectly. His tweed trousers, white button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a waistcoat looked almost like a period costume, like he was from a different era. Strange. How many times had I heard the same thing said about my look? Another thing we had in common along with an apparent love of books. Mmm... The body under those garments looked inviting too; strong muscular forearms, a broad chest, slim waist, great ass. And the package looked like it might be nice as well! Hearing my name, I whipped my head in the direction of the woman closest to me, coming back to reality.

          "Avril, do you care to share? The moan that just escaped your throat tells me you have something—perhaps wicked—on your mind."

          Another woman joined in, prodding me for information. "Yeah, you have a look of pure ecstasy on your face, mademoiselle... Do tell!" 

Falling in Paris
available on October 5th!!!

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