2 Days til Paris!

Enjoy a brief teaser from Falling in Paris...

I was so happy that I had suggested we meet at a little bistro for coffee and a light breakfast instead of going to her apartment. The very thought of us being alone in her apartment was more than I could handle.

          Sitting at an outdoor table waiting for Avril to arrive, I pulled out a map and a red marker to plan out our chapel exploration. It was a good distraction until she lightly tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hey, tourist."

Turning to her delicate touch, I smiled, enchanted by her beauty. So close to me, I breathed in her intoxicating scent with a hint of lavender. Was it real or in my head as I looked into her sparkling eyes as she sat down across from me? Those damn lavender eyes of hers would surely be the death of me.

Bonjour, Avril,” I said as she joined me.

          "I'm in desperate need..." escaped from her lush red lips hesitantly as she crossed her long legs, and I swallowed hard as she finished her statement "...of coffee." I was in desperate need of ravaging her. I was in trouble already, and our outing had yet to commence. Trying to clear my head, I looked down at the map and added a few more marks.

Extending a slender, red-painted fingernail to the middle of my print out, I gritted my teeth thinking of those nails dragging along my back. "I see that I will need a lot of caffeine and a little food to make it to all of those red circles." I laughed at her remark; I had gotten a little crazy with the pen.

Falling in Paris
available on October 5th!!!

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