1 Day til Paris!

Enjoy a brief teaser from Falling in Paris...

It had been almost a week since I had last seen Avril, but I thought of her constantly. And, she was in my dreams almost every night. I couldn't get her out of my head. She wasn't right for me, or more so, I wasn't right for her, I kept telling myself. We were different. Worlds apart. The only thing that connected us was our mutual love of books. Every day, it was getting harder and harder to be surrounded by books as they only made me think about her more.

Books were my life; I had to stop the association. I needed to get back on track. She was only in Paris for a limited time. The more I stayed away from her while she remained in the city, the easier it would be to forget her. Once she was gone, I would no longer anticipate seeing her on a street corner, in a café, and books would eventually cease to remind me of her. The memory of Avril would eventually vanish, as she did. I needed to keep telling myself all of that until I believed it.

          Strolling back to my bookstore, after a great meeting with a local book collector, I mentally continued my silent pep talk. Then, I saw Avril exiting my shop, and all hope of pushing her from my brain was dashed. 

Falling in Paris
available on October 5th!!!

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